12.04.03::UPDATE/NEWS-->One new image up: 'The Hollow Victory' About the Artist (revised 11.17.03): I'm Anneth, a 25 yr old freelance illustrator currently living and working from Hawaii. I studied ilustration at the Academy of Art College for three years and graduated with a BFA in '02. Art has been one of those comfortable companions I've had since I was young, and the constant rediscoveries I've made in art has continuously provided me with endless inspiration and influence. I like to think of my work as stories, and always look foward to listening to other people's interpretations. Fantasy just gives me an excuse to indulge. :) As far as artistic influences/inspirations are concerned... I'm a patron to the Rennaisance Masters, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, early American Illustrators, and a great admirer of the Frouds, the Brothers Hildebrandt, and Michael Whelan. I work with watercolor because it's easy on the skin and cheap on the wallet, though I do dabble in mixed and digital media on occassion. If you're interested in a private commission, please email. Thanks! SHOW SOME KOKUA!::All images are ©Anneth Lagamo. Image thievery is bad and will NOT be tolerated. You may download images for use as screensavers or desktops, but for other interests that includes publishing or liscencing, please contact me. You may not use these images for roleplaying. You can also find more of my paintings here. Prints and original art may also be purchased at the Sairyn Store. Thanks!Elfwood Inspirations (click @ your own peril!)stanton fink::igino giordano::h.m. 'alang' muhammad hanif::travis b. hanson::sophie m. klesen::tasha kortraseva::richard lankes::stephie pui-mun law::william li::luis peres::geoffry A. priest::christina m. roberts::::tim shumate::eri n anne stevenson::trisha l. toms::ursula vernon::maria william