Anneth Vixen' Lagamo

05.7.2005::UPDATE/NEWS-- Due to Elfwood's April crash, all updates will occur on the Edgeworlds website. Also, the following address: has been deleted. Please update your links accordingly. Thanks! About the Artist (revised 05.07.2005):I'm a twenty-something illustrator from Hawaii who likes to draw things with wings and chicks with really big swords. Like many in Elfwood, I've been doing art for as long as I could remember, and count myself as one of the lucky ones who get to make a decent living off of it. I've been a part of Elfwood since '99 and thank Thomas and the crew for building a great site for aspiring artists. Aside from that, a lot of my concepts are derived from classic literature, children's fairytales, European & Hawaiian mythology, contemporary/classic fantasy/scifi, and pop-culture. I draw lots of inspiration from current illustrators such as Brian Froud, Alan Lee and the Bros. Hildenbrandt, to contemporary fine-artists and American illustrators like Daniel Merriam and Tomer Hanuka. At one point, I wanted to go into comics and become a penciller for Uncanny-XMen, but the idea of cranking out 30-odd pages every other month wasn't very rewarding, so I turned to illustration, and haven't looked back since. During my off-hours, I watch a lot of movies, play with my dog, spend time with the family, catch up on reading Harry Dresden's latest adventure, and sleep........zzzzz.......... DISCLAIMER NOTICE can be found here. Please follow the information if you intend to use Fan-Art images for personal means. Elfwood Inspirations (click @ your own peril!) stanton fink::igino giordano::h.m. 'alang' muhammad hanif::travis b. hanson::sophie m. klesen::tasha kortraseva::richard lankes::stephie pui-mun law::william li::luis peres::geoffry A. priest::christina m. roberts::::tim shumate::eri n anne stevenson::trisha l. toms::ursula vernon::maria william