I LOVE manga and dragons and demons and elfs. ElFS!!! DEMONS!!! DRAGONS!!! MAGNGA!!! so you can see, i'm very hiper almost all the time and VERY WEIRD!!! (I'm so proud of being weird) Drawing and going on Elfwood are probably the two most favorite things I like to do. YAAAAY! I draw to draw. I just love it! My three friends that draw manga with me inspire me to go on mostly, along with Yoshihiro Togashi. (He created Yu Yu Hakusho) I LOVE YU YU HAKUSHO!!! My goal in life is either to become a manga comic artist, and author, or both! Or and enviormentalest. KILL POULUTION!!!!! That's what I say. Stick up for your enviornment. Almost no one else will... T.T