Kara's Cylon Finder

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A. Anthony

A.K.A. Fishing for Toasters  XD Looks like Kara has found a new way to identify the humanoid cylons aboard the Battlestar Galactica :)  Gaius Baltar, of course, is pouting that it wasn't his idea to Inner Six, who has no sympathy.  Sharon Agathon (Athena) looks ticked off, goodie-two-shoes Lee Adama (Apollo) has his "deer in the headlights"/"How could you think it was me?" look on while he tries to get Kara Thrace's (Starbuck) attention, Commander William Adama is giving the kids his best glare, and President Laura Roslin has just realized she might be able to find more skinjobs to airlock. I am in the midst of my Battlestar binge as I wait in agony for the end of the series, and this was my result.  Timeline-wise I know it's a bit messed up, with Athena wandering around and Baltar in a lab coat, but I figured if I used Boomer it would be more likely to end with someone getting blown away rather than with a scolding.  So I'm assuming it's set somewhere post-Kara's return from Caprica and pre-New Caprica.  Okay, I know this would never really work, because the skinjobs are virtually indistinguishable from humans except on a molecular level, but when you think "machine", doesn't an image like this spring to mind?  Gaah, I'll admit it, I just wanted to draw Kara laughing since she's been so depressed since she came back from the dead (except when blowing away mutineers, of course), and this was the best scenario I could come up with. 8P  So I'm not a comedian...big frakkin' deal!! Drawn in pencil, scanned in, and colored with tablet in Photoshop. (2009)

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