Anton Ehn

I'm 18 years old and I live in Sweden. I study Digital arts and Engineering and I'm on my third and last year. When I'm not in school or doing homework I like to hang out with my friends, but I also enjoy taking it easy, I love to read a (fantasy!) book while listening to music, for example. I also love drawing or doing anything creative, like playing the piano. I draw stuff  most of the time, anywhere, if I feel like it, and I'm usually in the mood for drawing or sketching. I often stuff my studying-books with tiny symbols and doodles, and sometimes I draw on my friends books and sheets as well. Doodle-warning! I've always had an interest in drawing and painting, and I'm constantly looking for new techniques to try and experiment with.I usually draw fantasy-themed drawings since I've always been interested in medieval times, folklore and fantasy in general, but I might try some sci-fi drawing aswell... sometime. :) I've never been good at using colours and paint, since I've never really had a fair chance to practise using it, so if I upload any coloured or painted pieces they will probably look awful...just saying! :) I hope and aspire to write my own novel whenever I get the time to come up with a story and illustrate all the characters.   I like Drawing, Listening to Music, Hanging Out, Playing the Piano, Reading, Writing Favourite movies Lord of The Rings, Eragon, Legend of The Seeker, Stargate SG1/Atlantis, Avatar, Star-Wars Favourite books LOTR (Basically Anything Tolkien, really. I am very fascinated with the world and story that he has created), Eragon, Nordic Folklore, Harry Potter, Jules Verne and many many more. Favourite music Eluveitie, Svartsot, Heidevolk, Equilibrium, Amon Amarth, Otyg, Finntroll, Wintersun and Vintersorg, Fejd, Blind Guardian (Basically all Folk-Metal), Irish Folk Music, Heavy Metal, Rock, Soundtracks from various games and movies. I also like tons and tons of other music, like house, techno and all that. Basically, I listen to the kind of music that helps me get into the mood I want to be in, for example when I'm drawing or when I'm studying. =)