Antonio Aiello

I read more than is healthy for any human being...And enjoy it! Favourite movies Final Fantasy, Matrix Favourite books Inheritance Series, Dragonlance, Spin

Judgement Prologue

In the small country of Atharna, Judges hold most political power, after the King.  The Dark Knight, Rakkan, once a Judge Magister, turned his back on everything he stood for, and attacked Atharna, with the sole object of destroying the land he once protected.

Broken Planet

When a human-versus-alien story gets turned around, alliances will be shattered, planets will be broken...

Cloud Wolf

On the world of Azeran, the Warrior Clans clash constantly, for power, resources, or just the thrill of the fight.  The warriors are aided in their battles by semi-sentient warmachines, named Mech's...


A "utopia" is defined as a perfect society, contrasted with its polar opposite, a "dystopia".  Which of the two does Rane belong to?  And what happens when the barrier blurs?