Agnes Olson

I am a Media Arts and Animation graduate, with honors, from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Currently I am working as a graphic artist/art director. Anyhoooo...ever since I had to write a research paper back in high school on Norse Mythology, I've been hooked on it! In the past few years, I've been seriously sitting down and drawing some of my versions of some of the Norse gods and goddesses. Like most artists, I'm never satisfied with my work and the drawings I've posted so far are the only ones I'm happy with (you don't even WANT to know how many versions of each of these drawings I threw out before I was happy with one). My heroes when I was growing up were artists like John Byrne and George Perez (comic book artists), Chuck Jones (of Looney Tunes fame), Disney story tellers/2D animators and the recent 3D animations of Pixar and Dreamworks. I do commission work ... if you're interested, please visit my very homepage for info, prices and contact information. Until then, sit back and check out my artwork and give me your critiques! BUT BE WARNED: I love critiques, be it bad or good, but if you are going to be vulgar, rude and crude about it...YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED! Thanks and have a nice day :) UPDATE: I opened up a CafePress store! Please visit at: