Hel (also known as Hela), Norse Goddess of the Dead

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Agnes Olson

Hel was the goddess of the dead and queen of Nifelheim/Helheim (the underworld) in Norse Mythology. With a wave of her hand, she could cause disease, decay and death. She was the youngest child of the god Loki and the evil giantess known as Angerboda. Her brothers were Fenris (the evil giant wolf) and Jormungand (the Midgard Serpent). There was one rendition of the myth where Odin (since Loki was his blood brother) kept Hel with him to be raised in Asgard. But the other gods were uncomfortable with Hel's appearance (she was born with her bones exposed on one side of her body) and they avoided her. Unhappy and lonely, Hel told Odin that she wanted to leave Asgard. Odin then gave to her the misty world of Nifelheim/Helheim to rule over. To Hel go those who died of sickness, old age, and those who did not die in battle. She would judge those who were good and evil and give them their just rewards (there were different levels of Helheim, ranging from a 'heaven' to a 'hell'). Like my other pictures, after I drew this, I scanned it in and used Adobe Illustrator to outline it, Adobe Photoshop and Metacreations Painter to color it/add effects, and used Eye Candy for additional effects (if you don't have Eye Candy, GET IT!). The inspiration for the picture came from an art deco 1920's piece of a woman in a similiar pose (everything else is from my tiny little head!).

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