Thomas Brimacombe

Though heart of gold, I'd call my ownFor incorruption, it was concealedSheathed in darkness, hidden 'neath stone,One poured the mortar, and now it's sealed.- Me(After all these years I still haven't written or published anything here. I should really remember to work on that.) I like Life is interesting. Ok, I like writing, reading, art, rockclimbing, ATVs, doing crazy things, DDR, religion, and all kinds of MARVELOUS things. ^_^ Favourite movies Star Wars I-VI; Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit; things by Hayao Miyazaki; Chronicles of Narnia; etc. Favourite books Lord of the Rings; Chronicles of Narnia; Harry Potter; Inheritance; Animorphs; anything about Star Wars; things that I write. Favourite music Sounds are nice. Try listening sometime.

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