Queen Amilia Gryphonwill

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Aaron Peet

'She wades through war, clad in rings of steel and plates of gold, one hand holding a deadly spiked flail, another with a inpenitrable crystalline shield; her plated boots tread another trail mixing the mud and blood; body beaten, soul shredded, mind molested, emotion eradicated, she takes and gives life as she sees fit.' Amilia is a powerful cleric and recognized knight, she is the wife of King Ramses Trueblade, a paladin king like his father. Although she has the power to do harm with her magic, she mostly uses it regenerativly and defensively, she is equally skilled with her flail as any warrior and can kill men clad in thick armor as well as crush the bones of the undead.

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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