King Ramses Trueblade

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Aaron Peet

A concept sketch of Ramses Trueblade circa 7660 when he is about 50 years old. He wears reletively light plate mail over a chainmail coat and cloth pantaloons. He also wields the Trueblade (not shown) and a spear called Bloodspire which make a deadly combonation. As if his skills in combat were not enough he is a master in nearly all forms of magic, he can as easily ressurect a fallen comrade as animate them as zombies and make a storm of fire, ice, acid, lightning, rocks and energy, all at the same time. He could almost be classified as any class you can imagine, but the best would just be Knight. It is also about this time he is working to join the Verdant Order of the Night by slaying Stradak Unad, a 750 foot long, 8000 year old elder dragon banished from Dragonsland and working to ressurect the elven race that was eradicated by Marae Loveslayer some 20 years earlier. Boy, could I go on for hours with story, can't wait till I write this far. I am most proud of the face, since it is one of the few I have ever put any detail into.

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