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This picture alone expanded her story arc immensely taking her over an entirety of 8 books. This is as she appears far later, she starts off as a niave young child whose life only gets worse. Her parents are killed, she must kill her former wizard master, her sex life is put through a meat grinder on more then one occasion and for all this pain and suffering she gets a ticket to the Rift (essentially Hell). While spending about 3000 years there as an immortal soul she eventually claws her to the mortal realm. The happy ending is that the experience of 'Hell' has taken a sexually confused and emotionally tormented young girl and molded this demonslaying wizardress. She has a demon-skull topped staff that does little more then look ugly, however the claws on her left hand contain a self-perpetuating nuero-toxin from the original owner. This toxin decays brain tissue and the damage is only repairable by magic, memories and abilities lost due to the damge however are unrecallable. The scars on her face are from the first 2700 years she spent as food for demons. The head is the least eaten location as it contians the least meat so you can only imagine what the rest of her body looks like. That continued loss of torso and midrif combined with not needing to eat for three mellenia may also account for her trim figure. One complaint I have is the shape of her chest, it shouldn't be so, umm, saggy; the demon skull is not very messy and her hood coloring doesn't match the cape, they were ment to be one piece, but the now look closer to two. Almost a story in and of itself...

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