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Following Ragnarok Glossary

Hopefully, this little file will clarify some of the odd names in Following Ragnarok. Included is an explanation of the worlds, a glossary of people and events, and a list of references (if you want more info). Very boring to just read, I would imagine ;-)

Snow Moon

My submission for Herscher Project 21: Pretty Paper, Ribbons, and Bows.This project was all about creating a Christmas present for someone, based on things they liked. Mandy Burnham was the person I selected out of the hat (so to speak), and it's been so much fun getting to know her! We've chatted over e-mail, I've read her stories, and looked at all her lovely pictures.This story is the result. Mandy likes dragons, science, and the unexpected, and this story strives to combine all three :-)Before I forget (again)...the illustration was done by me in Photoshop. Yeah, I know. That's why I don't have an art gallery *grins* But it needed a picture!

Only At Night, Part 2

In Part 2, we get to know Joseph better, and Cheryl encounters something scary. Again, does it hold your interest? Or put you to sleep?Translations: imb├ęcile = idiot, Dieu = God

Following Ragnarok Ch 3

Mist and Kolbyr journey through the caves toward Hel, but run afoul of some of Hel's denizens.All definitions and explanations for people, places, things, and events can be found in the Glossary file.

Equinox (Prologue)

This little prologue originally began as a story I wrote in high school. In review, I found the story dreadful but the prologue intriguing. I cannot edit my own work to save my life, so I am uploading the prologue here and begging for feedback.

Illusions (Part 3)

Goldilocks finds out that the only chair that isn't too big, breaks.UPDATE 1/30/08: An astute reader pointed out some painfully cliched dialog. Die, cliches, die!!! I think this is better now :-)

Illusions (Part 2)

Goldilocks eats dinner at the bears' home and begins to wonder about her purpose for being there.

Lounge Lizard

My submission for Herscher Project 17: Dragon's BreathHee, hee, this was SO much fun to write. I hope it's as much fun to read :-)Ghost dragon with attitude meets Las Vegas lounge singer.Mod's Choice 9/28/2006 (Yay! *giggles happily*)

Only At Night, Part 1

My first attempt at horror *grins* Part 1 introduces Cheryl and her eerie visions... Okay, it's probably not that scary, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.I'm a little concerned that the story is too slow. If you feel that way when you are reading (or not), could you let me know? Much appreciated! Translations: monsieur = mister

Following Ragnarok Ch 4

Kolbyr and Mist find themselves trapped between the undead and the guardian of Hel.All definitions and explanations for people, places, things, and events can be found in the Glossary file.

Illusions (Part 5)

Goldilocks runs away from the bear's house, never to return.Last part! Stay tuned for the sequel, 'Beyond Illusions', coming in March to a shelf near you ;-)

Following Ragnarok Ch 2

Mist confronts some surviving gods and discovers that fate has taken a wrong turn.All definitions and explanations for people, places, things, and events can be found in the Glossary file.

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