A. teicher

Updated November 2005! The ARTBOOK has been published!!! Check it out here! : http://www.uneide.com/art WEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm very excited about having a collection of my work in print. :) It's a selection of my illustration work - mostly unreleased work  exclusive for it, and dealing with all three of my webcomics. I can't believe that Blatah! http://blatah.keenspace.com  is nearing is fourth year anniversary, and its conclusion. wah! I draw because if I didn't the images would burst my head. This is the same reason that I write, because worlds crave creation and bringing to light. I am a Dnd fanatic, an online rper and a voracious reader -- to me all art should tell a story, capture an emotion or a moment. As always... this art is dedicated to those that have helped inspire it, through rp or through their friendship and support, above all my one of a kind hubby and Half Orange, Chris, and my sweet baby boy. LINKS! FEATHERFALL - BJD and Fantasy fashions  http://www.featherfall.ca My webcomics: Blatah! http://blatah.comicgenesis.com Nocturnia the Winter of the Unseelie. My Deviant art gallery for work that wouldn't be in genre here, and such. :)