R. Waters' Jalbert

Welcome to my humble gallery. I appeciate you for coming here, since there are so much more artists better than me... Anyways, although my name is mentioned up above. I would appeciate it if you refer me to my on-line name; Aqua Waters. It only because we're on-line, it only makes sense if you use the on-line name. ^_^' As for me, I'm a web-designer, author, artist and so much more! I designed FROT (Forgotten Realm of Truth), my website to host my monderistic fantasy story False Visions and the newly made manga (in the process) F.A.T.E. It may seem that I'm a busy girl, but it's quite the opposite. Where do you think I get the time to do all this? As for my arts, I'm a person who want to make her viewers/readers wonder and question the very truth they come to accept. And according to my family, all my works have double means to it. The first is easy to spot, but the second meaning is usually a deep and dark secret. I also draw many my on-line characters... ^_^' I have a whole story line for them. And there's my on-line friends and all. So yeah... I'm also not a very creative person. Imaginative, but not creative... I'm also a person, who unlike many people, makes the plot/storyline first. Than moves to the characters...^_^' Characters are always hard to make. But according to a friend of mines, all my costume are awsome...~_~; But I base all my costumes on their personaility and history. As for my fan art, let me tell you one thing from the start. I'm an RPG Fan! XD And for that, I draw something that's based off the game I finish. I started this only a month ago...~_~' So there's not much right now. But There's plenty to be expected. Trust me. ^_~ FINISHED GAMES ***************** Breath of Fire (SNES) Wild ARMS 3 (PS) Breath of Fire II (SNES) WORKING ON ***************** Persona(PS) OTHER GOOD ARTIST Ky 'Zenki' Jones Alisha 'Dragon Grrl' Giroux Susanna 'Pyra' Gallia