Íris Óskarsdóttir

27th November 2006: Well, hello there. I am Íris Björk AKA Orkamjás;) I’m an 17 year old Icelandic girl who is studying art. I’m born on 19th November 1989, and my father is Icelandic and my mother is Norwegian. Hmm since I started college, I haven’t had time to draw that much, but I do my best. So now I decided finally to scan some of my newest pictures and upload them! I hope you like. And maybe I’ll be a bit more hardworking on my site here… I drew mostly fantasy drawings but now I’m getting more into manga and other stuff. My goals for the future is to finish my art school and go to the Art University of Iceland in Reykjavík and study graphic design. It feels good to have a goal.. Some facts about : ¨      is not covered with snow all year round ¨      We don’t live in snowhouses ¨      We don’t eat fish every day ¨      We are civilized and modern ¨      We are indeed a small country, but we’re like a big family :) Just FYI Please comment and enjoy my gallery! (I’m a member of Elftown and Elfpack, my username is Narewien on ET and Orkamjas on EP:)   ~ Íris Björk