Marie Östling

So, this is where I'm supposed to go all deep and emo on you. Can't say I feel like it.I'm creative, headstrong, compassionate and overly emotional. Tenacious at times, but mostly impatient. I wish I was a real artist. I wish I had the passion to forget everything else. But there is so much else in life. So, to taste it all, I just keep painting when I feel like it, unprofessional, raw, unpolished. And let the masses think what they may, if anything.My inspiration comes from nature, from the people I love, from role playing adventures, books, comics and from personal experiences. Feel free to inspire and challenge me; I could always use a good kick in the butt.LoveMarie / AquaticApe I like Role playing, painting, cooking and baking. Superheroes and the supernatural. Myth and science. Videogames, LAN and other immatureties. Favourite movies Babylon 5, Farscape, Firefly series. Spirited Away, Berserk, Full Metal Alchemist anime. Alien and Terminator movies. Mirror Mask and Pan's Labyrinth. Favourite books Katherine Kerr's Deverry series, LOTR, Mists of Avalon. Anything by Douglas Adams. Favourite music Alternative rock: Muse, Silverchair. 80's electronic music, like Depeche Mode or Flock of Seagulls. Nostalgia classic: Dire Straits.