Gabriel Duden

I'm just a guy who enjoys a bit of writing. My stories stem from my own desire for a life full of grand adventures. I hope everyone who reads my stories can enjoy them as much as i enjoy writing them. I like Reading, Writing, Video games, Motorcycles, Flying, Filming Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Conan, Willow, Ice Pirates, Star Wars, hopefully Shannara! Favourite books Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Conan, Shannara, Lord of the Rings Favourite music Way too many to name

The Lost City of Kwei-Lon (Work in Progress)

Coron is on a ship attacked by pirates, him and Garith survive and end up on an uncharted island. They learn of a great treasure there and try to find it.

The Shadow Wood Inn (Work in Progress)

Coron making his way through a haunted wood when he happens upon a stranger, and an even stranger inn.

The Night Life

Coron is passing through a town when he learns of the horrible events that have been transpiring there. He decides to take it upon himself to put an end to it.

The Heart of Kuresh

Coron has heard tales of a large jewel hidden somewhere in the ruins and has set out to find it. What he finds is far more evil.