Eric Wadley

Hello and welcome to my gallery here at Elfwood. Anyone who has seen my artwork knows I'm a big fan of anything that relates to science fiction, fantasy, or horror. What I love most about these genres is how they are often used to explore the human condition. They try to tackle the big questions in life. From our deepest fears to our greatest aspirations, they point a harsh light on our flaws yet still give us hope for the future.I use 3D modeling programs like Bryce (by Corel) and Poser (by Curious Labs), as well as Photoshop (Adobe) to make all the art you see here. I appreciate any feedback you'd care to provide. Thanks for visiting and, if you are interested in seeing detail from any of the images posted here, I have close-ups of them at my website. Finally, I would like to thank Thomas, Mirar, Eliza and all the Elfwood Moderators for their wonderful efforts in preserving this special place on the web.