ok, well I might sound bad tempered now because I just wrote in this box and then it vanished *sobs*... I'll start with the basics again! I'm English and have lived in England for most of my life, however I have also lived in America, and I am in love with Canada and Scandinavia ( I find them so atmospheric) and have spent time there too.I am fascinated by ancient history, myths and legends, and so you may see their influences in some of my work, but I am also inspired by the more modern-ish fantasy books I read, and also some pieces of music.I have a twin brother called Roger (not Romulus or anything), and before anyone asks, for someone inevitabley will, we are not identical: I am a girl and he is a boy, and therin lies the problem, or the answer to that question. ;D. Finally, I have a perhaps not so secret ambition to reintroduce the Grey Wolf into the UK, oh yeah, and I'm probably mad too ;) .  I like Books (especially fantasy), Animals, Music (the normal stuff, and films scores etc), Favourite movies My absolute favourite films are the LOTR films, as well as Harry Potter...but I don't watch many series actually, BBC's Merlin was pretty sweet though! Just waiting for them to make a good film of the Magician's Guild (by Trudi Canavan). Favourite books Anything by Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Paolini, J.K. Rowling etc Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy is absolutely amazing...but I could go on forever, basically I love books! Favourite music Stuff by Paul Simon, Enya, Dido, Eva Cassidy, Kasabian, Ludovico Einaudi, etc. Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings music, amongst other film scores. Musicals : Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, etc.