Arianwen Rowan

Arianwen (aka me) likes drawing fantasy and some sci-fi characters.I also like drawing cartoon strips; I am sure that in the story of George and the Dragon the Dragon was the nice guy, and of course he won! In my cartoons, the Knight always ends up getting beaten up, but of course he is never really hurt! *looks shifty* He is also not particularly bright, and everyone else enjoys running rings around him! Poor guy, if he had a pound for every time someone beat him up, he would be a rich Knight...I hope that my drawing will improve with practice - I hope people like looking at them but I am not sure they are very good yet.My nickname is Apocalypse, or just 'Poca. I get bored easily.....*falls asleep* I like Mangas (especialy Naruto, ultimate ninja), drawing, reading, sleeping, eating, going to Expos and playing Warhammer 40k. Also I have this Dragon hat that I likes. Favourite movies I like Shaun the sheep, the program about this sheep that does funny things. I also like the 'Back to the future' movies and 'Star wars'. Lord of the Rings are good films and for some reason I have this obsession with X-men and Spiderman... Favourite books I like a lot of books, Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' series and the 'Redwall' books are brill, read them! The Cherub series is good as well as the Ranger's Apprentice and Shapeshifter seiries.