Maria Ringsevjen

Greetings!Thanks for stopping by my little gallery here in the woods.Ah, yes. Something about myself... I'm 25 and Norwegian, originally from a small place in Telemark but I've now made Oslo my home for the unforeseen future... I'm currently studying to become a librarian, from before I've got a bachelor in English and some in translation... I enjoy drawing, and hope to get better at it, so helpful hints are very much appreciated. What I do now is mostly sketches I guess, and I will most likely not turn the sketches into something more 'finished'. I find it difficult to recreate something I've drawn -they always come out a little different. But SOME DAY I will! ;)Inspiration comes in many forms, usually just creeping up behind you.The pictures displayed here are from 1998 (if I remember correctly) -and up to today, I hope there's been a development somwhere along the line :) My deviantart gallery will be updated more frequently, if anyone are interested.Go visit my brother Jon's gallery! Click here!! Please spare some time to comment on my pictures, constructive criticism is a good thing!!! But feel free to just give me praise too. Haha! ;)