Angie Richard

Hey I'm your average 17 year old. I love fantasy, dragonlance, LOTR, D&D etc. Eberron is an awesome Campaign setting! I was skeptical but it turns out it's pretty neat. I've recently purchased the Hercules season one DVD set, it's so cute! Right now I am an assistant Instructor at Snow's Academy of Martial Arts ( I'm just a crazy teen who plays a lot of dungeons and dragons. I also enjoy painting models and playign WH. I only scribble as a passtime and usually during class! (Pretty much all subject matter is Dungeons and Dragons inspired) Bands: NIN, Manson, Silverchair, Kamelot, Rhapsody....Billy Talent, CKY, H.I.M. Favorite Character: Kyra Daroth. Current Character: Damien Tsarinas Hannan NG half-elven fighter/Sorc. Oh yeah Thanks so much for Visiting My gallery! Thankyou for all of the comments and support as well =)