Emily Weichbrod

I am not really a writer. More of an artist by far. However, I hope by creating a library I will not only try to write more, but be more on top of reading the works of others. Artwork, plus information on how to get prints, originals, and commissions from me is at SkieBorne Art. Some other favorite Elfwood Galleries (in no particular order): ~Andi Lee Seymour~.~Erin M. Schmidt ~.~Jennifer Miller (Nambroth)~.~Xenia Arrick (SwanDog)~.~Brenda DiAntonis (XianJaguar)~.~Robbye 'Quelyntr WolfComet' Nicholson~.~Ursula Vernon~.~Rachel Doran~.~Cristina Penescu~.~Hannah Spute *Ahkahna* ~.~Heather 'Kyoht' Baeder~.~Jessica A. Edstrom~.~Michael E. Waters~.~Socar Myles~.~Tiina Purin~.~Brandy Marie Luedtke~.~Nikki *Aisling* Robinson Also, please comment, but please critique as well! I promise I don't bite :)


Shifting Music

Another story with some of how music affects me. Some songs just move you...

Faolchu: The Last Wolf of Eire

There are no more wolves in Ireland, but this is my take on what hapened to the last.

Dance With Me

Mix of a frustration story of trying to fit in, plus a bit about how I view music.


Written in highschool (1998) in response to the teacher's assignment of 'write something paranormal'. The old english style was fun to write in as well. Translations of some of the more unusual words are provided in brackets at the end of the line.


I know Wendigo is not strictly a shapeshifter in native american belief, however it seemed to work well in this context. The poem is somewhat lyrical, thought the music as of yet is still just in my head.