Anitta Hiekkanen

When I'm not occupied with my day job, my chihuahuas, my husband, my home or chewing my pencils (also commonly known as drawing), I'm trying, and mostly failing, to govern over three domains:- The 13th Signet   (angles and demons)- The Silver Oath   (vampires and their human companions)- Books of Eire   (more straight-up fantasy)I'm not much of a writer and usually I can't even finish my stories, but I'm hoping being here will encourage me to try harder. I like Fantasy, vampires, old fashioned murder mysteries, and pretty much anything else getting my attention. Favourite movies Transformers and Lord of the Rings Favourite music Heavy Metal


The vampire Scars' brief recollection of his life.

Count Who?

Sometimes an overheard piece of conversation can spark a new one. If you're not interrupted.

13th Signet - Chained

This is the first part of the story of Neria, an angel exiled from the Realm of Light.