I have been a science / science fiction geek since the day I saw the opening shot of Star Wars. I have hopes of working for NASA and developing new means to get to the planets in our solar system and maybe the stars. I write as an expression of my interest in what is out there and to celebrate the genre that has given me so much inspiration. The photo is of me and my wife at a friends hand fasting. Update - 05/29/04 I have finished the Head Hunters, Inc. story. Please read and make comments as I am a horrible editor of my own material. Also the story Discovery was choosen as a moderators pick but I went back and corrected a few things and lost the little star. Oh Well Update - 08/09/2004 Well I now have a new website and which has more recently edited copies of my stories. Please visit my site at Julie and Favorite Elfwooder's Stories by James R. C. Wright Stories by Nicolas S. Stember Art by Natalie 'Obryss' Grewe Art by Roberta Raba Art by Ursala Vernon The best picture on Elfwood Thanks for visiting -ALZ


Anohter short story dealing with the Mars/Moon independence war. Something new shows up. Will it help the colonies or help Earth?

Black Box

A short story about the near future and what could happen when some makes a discovery we all want.

Have you Seen Her

Poem about love across ages


Earth has an established colony on the Moon and an infant colony on Mars but can it keep them?


The fight for equal rights and the end of slavery continue even into the future.