I have joined Elfwood many years ago on a foggy afternoon when I finally managed to upload my four pictures. I have made many changes since then, not all were in the right direction, but I still like where I’m now. Most of my most recent work is showcased on my Elftown account. I can advice anyone to come there and join the fun. I’m 24 years old now. In high school I have discovered the very beginnings of both English and Art. And now I love both, while I may be reviewed better in English then in Art by most people. Sorry for all those LOTR-lovers out there, but I’m definitely a Harry Potter fanatic. I drive even my parents nuts by asking for wands on several occasions and mumbling ‘Expecto Patronum’ whenever I feel a panic attack rise. Having a history with depression makes you understand what it feels like when a dementor is coming near. My favourite song of all times is “Can you dance like a hypogriff” Since recently I have a small and dusty fan quarter. But I’m not at all satisfied with it. There has to be many more HP pieces in there. But at the moment I’m busy with contests at Elftown, so my Elfwood corner has to wait a bit. I love fantasy, I love Elfwood. I think Hedda is tha bomb. There.With love,CynthiaP.S. Arthemis is with an 'h' in between because that's how you can write the name in Dutch. I picked it up in a Dutch dictionary, and I use it for a long time now. It means the same as the goddess without the 'h'. So please no more comments on how I spell my own nickname wrong. Please remember the copyright stuff. If you want to use anything, ask. I like Besides the obvious, i'm also interested in games (Nintendo rules a great part of my world). And I've started a new education at home, that makes the clock move faster. Favourite movies Harry Potter is the ultimate, I like Underworld also except for the last part in part 1. The time it takes for the head to slice off is just too unrealistic, everytime I see it I have a fit of laughter. TV-shows: Charmed! Medium, Ghostwhisperer and Supernatural are some of my favorites as well. Favourite books Harry Potter, all books of J.D.Robb (scifi) and Chronicles of Narnia (which I consider not really fantasy btw, but that's a long story) And for the sake of it: all paranormal (so it matches the theme) books of Nora Roberts. Favourite music All female pop artists, including: Anastacia, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Maria Mena, Katie Melua and groups like Sugar Babes. But also male artists like: Justin Timberlake. And all songs in which Timbaland performes, he's got such sexy voice. Concluding: all music to which I can sing along.