Nita Folsom

I'm 51, mother of twin girls 29. Art has always been a passion of mine since a small child. How many of you artist at one time drew those little drawings in magazines and sent it to the Art institure? Yep, me to, did that when I was in the 7th grade in school. I love colors around me. I see beauty in all things around me from the lightness of a feather to an ugly rock. I can look at things and see pictures on them. utting those visions to paper is hardest. I'mm no professional. My art is fo my satifaction, a hobbiest. Plus i am disabled.I have used my art as a therepy for myself.I have taught my mind to focus on drawing and mentally block any pain i'm having in my body. I love to see children draw and use thier creative little minds. I encourage any child who wants to draw.My own grandaughter told me one day she wanted to grow up and draw like me. That melted my heart. I like Art,art and more art Favourite movies I loved Charmed,need to bring it back Favourite books I don't have a favorite book but i do read this all the time.I would like to share with you. Time is one of my greatest enemies; there are never enough hours in a day to draw all the images in my head. I feel i have a responsibility to keep drawing as long as i live. From One Artist To Another Favourite music It depends on my mood, but i love all music, rap, country,oldies, old rock, new rock,hip-hop,bagpipes, mellow,love songs