Wil Kinghan

WIL KINGHAN is an artist, screenwriter, and explorer of native Celtic studies. Born in Ireland, he studied Archeology at University College Dublin and Environmental Design at NCAD in the 1980’s before working in advertising and commercial television as an Art Director, and has written, art directed and developed concepts for many commercial clients such as Guinness, Digifone & Ernst & Young. Wil has provided many illustrations for advertising, magazine covers, movie posters and TV development in his commercial career, now as a freelance artist he is developing his skills as a digital and natural media painter for publishing and the film industry. Recently in 2008 he formed a Production Company, Mythwood Films, in Oxford with established author John Matthews who has worked on features such as Arthur for Bruckheimer/ Touchstone. In 2007 they completed their first joint screenplay – ‘Men are Perfect’ –currently under development by Mighty Finn Productions LLC in Los Angeles. In 2009 Wil worked as art director and producer for a co-written short film, Blood Type: The Search. A short teaser for the Series was filmed in London & Oxfordshire by Mythwood and launched at the London Film and ComiCon (18-19th July 2009). It was directed by ‘Transformers’ star Mark Ryan and narrated by TV and Movie legend Jason Connery (Robin of Sherwood). As well as providing digital mattes for the film, the concept is now being developed as a graphic novel with Wil as project artist. Previous published works include “The Shaman’s Oracle”, a 52 card oracle system based on ancient rock art - developed and written with John Matthews and featuring Wil’s artwork (Watkins/DBP 2010) and “The Celtic Wisdom Oracle”, published in spring 2011, by Caitlín Matthews. Current projects include a graphic novel: "Bloodtype, the search" - and a new tarot system using the recently discovered drawings of Nostradamus, entitled "The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus" - due out in 2012. Wil currently lives in Oxford with his wife Melanie and four cats.