james monteith

I paint and draw in fits and starts of longer term concentration when improving. Otherwise I am usually planning but doing less. I'd love to be at the published level whether as an assistant or donjon.I have done alot, earned only occasionally any half decent money. The last time on a business that has crashed. I am now hoping for the strength to be an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor again. I like Athletic Sport I do and travel team I like to pay attention to. Travel and the natural world of stories, people and reality, to be a historian second and a writer first. Favourite movies Alien, Tremors, Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Lord of the Rings, High school of the dead (Anime), Tomb Raider, Sky Blue (Anime), Hiyao Mikayazaki (Studio Ghibli films) Favourite books Killashandra (Anne McCaffrey) I'll revise the titles of some more of these soon. Favourite music Enya, Deep Purple, Dance anthems, Eagles, Berlinda Carlisle, Mauro Guilliani

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