Lessa Meledanthi

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Jessica Vázquez

CREDITS: Art by me, character by me, story by me. World of Solaris: http://www.solarisrpg.com. World of Medunian, http://www.arwym.slyph.org/medunian. Pixel doll base by Quinqui, at http://aresbel.cjb.net.Lessa Meledanthi used to be a princess of the ancient Kingdom of Steniah, in the Realm of Medunian. She was the youngest daughter of the Royal Meledanthi Family. During the Second War of Medunian, the semi-goddess Astar Medunshtor destroyed the Kingdom of Steniah, murdering Queen Estheri Meledanthi, Lessa's mother, and taking many lives. In an attempt to save one of the few remaining members of the family, Arthil Meledanthi, the queen's brother and now king of Steniah, decided to send Lessa to a safe place. Lessa escaped with a group of clerics to a small temple in the Kingdom of Tarlas, their neighbors. By then, Lessa was 15 years old. During her long stance at the temple, she decided to become a cleric herself, and so she did at the age of 17. But then, one year later, Astar found where Lessa was hidden. She destroyed the temple and tried to capture Lessa, but a mysterious mage whose name was never revealed opened a portal to another dimension in order to save the princess. Lessa escaped through this portal, not knowing what awaited in the other side. This is how Lessa Meledanthi came to Solaris, a world that was completely strange to her. Two years later, we come to the present. Lessa is now just a normal cleric of Solaris, praying to her ancient Goddess Meduna, knowing she could still count with Her. Lessa's journey had just begun. Lessa is a naive and pacifistic woman. Her quest to save the living from darkness is her first priority. The fact that she was a princess is not revealed to anyone, and she continues to live in name of her faith. Lessa always tries to cheer the people up, give them hope, and help them in everything she can. Because of this, her attitude is always a positive one, and her words radiate light and happiness to those who listen with the heart. Lessa enjoys literature and meditation. She also enjoys walking at night. These are her pastimes. Her favorite color is white, and simplicity is her style. She always prefers light colors on her clothing. As an Elf that she is, Lessa Meledanthi's beauty is undeniable. Her hair is not too long, and yet not too short either. Its color is that one of a bright brown. Her eyes are of a deep leaf green, and almond shaped. The eyebrows have a fine, natural shape. Her mouth is heart shaped and delicate, with blood red lips. As for her body, it is very slender, with an athletic build.

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