Rod Batschelet

I have submitted 10 new images to be placed upon my gallery. The positive comments that I have recieved so far have been a bit overwhelming. I thank you all and will try to respond personally to them all as time permits. My personal web page is not currently up and runnig due to re-working it. The homepage for my shop is up and running though. I like Art, film, music, computer games, physics, philosophy, classic literature, comic book art, computer programming and web site developing. Favourite movies All of the classic Universal horror/Scifi films. More recent favorite films include, Mirrormask, Dark Knight, The Signal, The Descent, The City of Lost Children, Pan's Labyrinth. Favourite books The Dune Series, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, all Terry Pratchett books, Flatland, Erehwon, The Worm Ourobouros, A Fish Dinner in Memson, Lord of The Rings. Favourite music Everything except modern jazz. Favorites include, Nightwish, Type O Negative, Ween, Portishead, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd/Roger Waters, Tool, Primus/Les Claypool.