I graduated from douglas education center south of Pittsburgh PA for the illustration/ airbrush program. My favorite type of artwork is painting and my medium of choice is acrylics. I also took a one semester fantasy art program at the same school. If something is to easy to do I don't really enjoy it. Fantasy art is full of challenges so i def prefer it to just copying a picture. It requires you to really have to think about everything and i love that since its my original ideas nobody else has the same painting. My ultimate goal is to make a comfortable living off my original fantasy paintings. If anyone would be interested in commissioning me for some artwork feel free to message me about it. Price would all depend on size and exactly what you want. If anyone would be intrested in purchasing a painting i have up let me know. Prints are also available on my personal website I like painting, watching movies and tv, reading, vampires, werewolves, ghosts (pretty much just anything supernatural in general) Favourite movies for movies i have so many but some of my favorites are pan's labyrinth, dark crystal, labyrinth, interview with the vampire, underworld. for shows supernatural Favourite books interview with the vampire, vampire lestat, queen of the damned, harry potter Favourite music evanescence, red, breaking benjamin, lacuna coil