Ashe Skyler

I like to draw, I love fantasy, and learning is still fun to do. When I improve a little more, I'll start posting stuff for you guys to see. Critique, however, is not welcome. I get plenty enough criticism from my family and I don't need another person reminding me I should give up because I will never be good enough for them. And I have no idea how I didn't hear of this site sooner! I like Fantasy, art, music, writing, nature, HTML, computers, crocheting Favourite books The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lord of the Rings; Circle, Crescent, Star; The Tale of Lanen Kaeler; Flight of the Dragon Kyn; The Mage Wars Trilogy; The Prince of Mercenaries; The Golden Swan; Harry Potter Favourite music Celtic, World, New Age, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Classical, Jazz, instrumental tributes, and classic stuff from the 60's & 70's & 80's