Ashe Skyler

Howdy! I'm Ashe and I draw the comic Just Another Day ( I'm a self-taught artist from rural Alabama, and like many others, I've been scribbling since I was coordinated enough to hold a crayon. I highly prefer working with pencils and I'm slowly learning how to be a great pencil artist like Diane Wright or Mike Sibley. I know I've still got some rough edges to work out, but, hey! I'm in my 20's, not 50's+. I'll get there if I keep practicing. I've been taking commissions since 2010, so if you like what you see, you're welcome to visit the Commission tab and order a custom piece of your own. There's very little normal things I won't draw! (Adult work has lots of limitations.) I also send out a newsletter once a month with discounts you can take. If you're interested in some, feel free to sign up at I am a mother, wife, accountant, webcomicker, and freelance artist. I am very, very busy. Please understand that unless you have bought something and I am specifically creating an artwork you requested, I will not adjust any drawing to your liking.