Ashley Gilkes

My name is Ashley, people call me AshleySexyPants, dont ask, long story.I love hippos, and i like to play Neverwinter nights, Frozen Throne. My whole word revolves arround Jax, Toby,so most of the pictures are for them. I doodle alot during class, which reflecs in my low grades. Im not a very good artist, and all the good pictures I manage to do are usually on lined paper because i did them at school. I usually draw then give away my art, so there arnt many to start out with, but ill try to add. I have a site on Deviant Art which doent have all fantasy on it, that you can find at this location : Oh and for all those guys who like to call me ugly, its really not appreciated-??š ??? §?ρρ??ššïõ? ?? ??? ???£? ??å? ?ïνεš ?? ??? ρ?ω??, ??? ν??£?ηç?, ??? ν?çï??šηεšš