Ashley Larkin

Hi!  I haven't been on here or edited this in two years :(  I feel kind of bad since I've had this account for around 6 years!  Ummm...  These drawings are all old and I will try to post some more soon, but that's kind of unlikely.  More likely is that they will go into the sci-fi/ fantasy section which I haven't updated since I was 13...  Anyway!  It's good to be back!  I love all these artists: Ashley *Celesta* Versaggi Maisha 'Aloriel' Foster-O'Neal Cynthia Cassidy Hilda Hobma Margot Bongers Signe Klange Fazekas Hanna Gemma L. Dennis Favourite movies Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dresden Files Favourite books Harry Potter