Delphi breeze' Ashwood

Welcome to the glade i call my gallery. I'm Delphi, which means 'magic', and I LOVE all equines! I draw because it is something that i can truely express myself in, for not many truely understand me. I tend to draw my dreams, because they are interesting, or i draw from stories i tell my various couisins etc, but i sometimes draw on impulse. I prefer dragons, unicorns, pegisi etc, but i do draw elves and mermaids when i feel like it. I don't have a horse, but three live next door, and i claim a lovely cob called Creamy as my own. He is unusually pure white, and he has blue eyes... aww I call him snowfire, for it is dignified enough. I LOVE him. I live off fantasy, and i have shelves of books at home that are rapidly increasing... My main belief is not only in favour of magical creatures, but it's for others to enjoy them too. so many deny what they havn't seen, and it leaves them unfulfilled. i just wish people would open their eyes, and let their spirit fly...

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