Yuzi Phoenix' Karumi

Helo and welcome one and all! Thanks for comming! :) Enjoy what ya got here, I do take requests for drawings and I'd love to try an art trade with anyone. All ya need to do is ask! :) I got more stuff comming along, I'll try to put up more colored stuff. I'm so fond of my drawings that i'm a bit scared to color them incase they get ruined ^^;;. Anyway... ENJOY! Oh and here are some links to my friend's sites :) I generally RP with these people, BEAUTIFUL DRAWINGS!!! YOU GO SEE!! Or i haunt you in your nightmares!! OOooOOoOoOoOOoOoOOO Anne L. 'Electra' Karetnikov ~ Do you love evil guys with fangs? WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK! Lauren 'Anime LAH' Hoxie ~ She has tons and tons of bishie boys ^^ It's pretty much hentai free. If you like stuff done on the computer with art programs and whatnot, she's got a bunch here. Jennifer N. Overstreet ~ Newest member of the Elfwood cult-er.. community! ^^; Let's make her feel welcome shall we? Thankyou for comming ^^. Comments are welcomed, but nothing derogitory or it shall be deleted. AND NO STEALIES MY PICCIES! ;_; I WORK HARD ON THEM AND I WUB DEM BERY BERY MUCH! You can only use them with MY permission! Quote:'Some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints!'