Aspen The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor

so.. um yeah. i haven't been around for about a year... i  wrote more on my story but it kinda disintegrated and requires a lot of working on unless i  just scrap th entire thing... which is tempting since they have all developed main-charachter-itis which sucks.. they all suck. soo yeah. that's about it. school is consuming my life right now.. and i think i might just delete whole  segments of this story. i never wanted karrie to be a love interest but i needed something to fill space. it was a mistake. and if i want to change things i will but i think i'll just let it go...

Dream Story Part 4: Ellana's Trees

being stuck in a tree can have certain disadvantages... being stuck in a tree while a stranger points and laughs isn't very fun either...

Dream Story Part 2: The Railroad Path

Karrie and Lissa were running from their principal-gone-crazy, whose name has been changed to winnow franz... jsut so you know. they are still running... only at an incline... exciting eh? the next part is going to come soon... i hope.

Dream Story Part 5: Doe Estates

Dockett isn't exactly what he seems... i'm not sure if it's completely unexpected or not but you are entitled to your own reactions

Dream Story Part 1: Kachoalla Institute

this was a dream i had (i was actually asleep). i thought it made for a good story. read and reply or a herd of voracious flamingos will come after you in your sleep!

Dream Story Part 3: Mella Garden

onward and upward through a sea of color and light