Razi, the pirate king

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Astrid Groot

Ok, the proof I watched way to much One Piece. I created my own pirate character based on the series. His name is : Razi (he made that up himself)  Age: Too old to remember, probably somewhere between 200-250, he thinks. Devil fruit power: He ate the sai sai no mi (age age fruit). So now he can make his body any age he wants. Usually he looks like he's 18 or 19 or so, but because of that he can't die of old age unless me makes himself really old. personality: In short, he's a real playboy. He doesn't care if it's a guy or girl he just likes having intimate contact with people, but hates commiting to just one person. Although he's fairly honest (he's an honest person in general) about it, he has left several people brokenhearted and was almost killed a few times because of it (yes, he can die of lethal wounds). The only thing he keeps to himself is his real name (which i'm not gonna tell ) He usually just picks a name he likes and uses it for 50 or so years and than switches to another. Because of his age and therefore experience he's an exellent fighter, but he rarely shows it. He knows all six forms of the rokushiki (who knows where he learned them), but instead he usually uses a fightingstyle far weaker, simply because his physical strength is usually enough to beat the crap out of anyone. He also wears an tanto knive which proves handy sometimes. brief history: He doesn't really like his 'immortality' but he says there's something he needs to do before he dies. Namely find his family treasure. An antique neckless, which got stolen from him by bandits when he was still really young. His father forbid him to come home unless he got it back. And even though he realizes his father is long gone. He still wants to keep his promise. The last time he got a lead on the neckless's wherabouts he heard it was in the hands of Gold Roger.

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