Allison Miller

Well hello there! My name is Allison Miller, Im a 20 year old college student from Minnesota, and am currently attending The University of Montana! I live in a tiny apartment with my older sister and our two dogs. At the moment, my Dragon Knight Chronicles are going through a major overhaul, but until I get that fixed I have several other pieces that I will be coming out with that I hope you enjoy! Favourite movies I really love fantasy shows like Avatar, Gargoyles, the Tenth Kingdom, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and basically any other movie along those lines. I gain lots of inspiration from them. Favourite books Harry Potter (of course, those books are the reason i write), Lord of the Rings (what self respecting lover of fantasy dosn't), the Dresden Files, the Drizt Du'Urden Series, and the Chronicles of Narnia Favourite music Mostly movie and broadway play soundtracks (Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Chipmunks) but i also like alot of old classic rock songs like Queen, the Beatles, and also some more modern stuff like Good Charlotte and Linkoln Park. To create even more contradictions in my music choices, I also love Breaking Benjamin and have all of the Disney Classic Songs.

The Dragon Knight Chronicles "Growing Pains" 1A

 This is the new beginning to my long worked on Dragon Knight Chronicles. I'm going to leave my Dragon Knight Chronicles Vol. 1 up (even though, since my story changed, it may not connect completely with how the story is going to go) simply because I really like it and I feel it can stand on its own in some light. Anyways, this first part tells about Bethel's childhood. I hope you really like it and PLEASE don't hesitate to leave a comment!

The Dragon Knight Chronicles Part 2A

This is part 2A of my dragon Knight Chronicles, which I title "Growing Pains," as it deals with Bethel growing up and coming to terms with what she is. It was difficult for me to write this part (which is why it took so long) becuase I wasn't sure exactly what I really wanted to happen. Please leave your comment on what you liked and didn't like, I need some good avice on this part! Thanks, and enjoy!Note: This is NOT a part of my new Dragon Knight Chronicles story as it stands now, but I worked so hard on it and liked it so much I didn't quite have the heart to delete it. As it stands, this is the original beginning to my story, but I decided to change directions a while ago, making this beginning obsolete. However, if enough people prefer this beginning over my new one then I just might reconsider things again. Enjoy!

The Sinking of Atlantis.txt

This is a short story that I wrote for a creative writing class in High School. It actually started out as a very different beginning to another novel idea, but the assignment had boundaries and I had to do some cutting and altering...alot, lol. Just a quick and easy story for your enjoyment!

In the Lair of Morvious

This is the introduction to my character known as the Dragon Knight. It was originally supposed to be the beginning to the second story in my Dragon Knight trilogy, but the plans for the story line changed. This particlar event was just too awsome to scrap, however. If you wish to learn more about Morvious's past, then you must wait till the Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1 is finnished

The Dragon Knight Chronicles Vol.1, 'The Beginning'

I hereby introduce the very first installment of my beloved Dragon Knight Chronicles! *fan fare, trumpets, confetti* In this first part, simply titled 'The beginning,' we see how Bethel came to be and learn some of the past of her legendary father. Enjoy, and if you leave me a comment or critique I will be forever greatful!

The Tale of Crax Greenmay and Whistlin' Vixie

Me and a friend of mine were really bored one day, and started dreaming up nonesense ideas for a DnD campaign we were planning and, I really don't know how, but we came up with this idea of a cowgirl gnome named Whistlin' Vixie. I just had to write a little story for her, she is just so COOL! I don't plan on wiriting any more about her, but I suppose if she gets enough fans, I do have something of a plot for her. Enjoy!