Athdaraxen Dragoness

My name is Ath'daraxen, but you can just call me Athy. I'm just a dragon. I like cookies, art, drawing stuff (badges especially), and stuff.  I tend to draw a lot of dragons and other things, currently I'm working on improving my art and style! Mostly my main issues are anatomy, muzzles, and shading. I'm always looking to improve so if you have some critique please feel free to note me or something. Every little bit helps. I like Dragons, ,Video games ,Drawing ,Painting ,Not doing what I'm told ,Cookies,Guitar Hero ,Hugs ,Being with my friends ,Being lazy. but not bored ,Life ,Music ,Reading Favourite movies Dragonheart, ,Reign of Fire ,Pirates of the Caribbean (all 3) ,Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street ,The Nightmare Before Christmas ,Spirited Away ,Finding Nemo ,The Day After Tomorrow ,Core SPONGEBOB!!!, ,Anime ,cartoons ,some stuff on Animal Planet, Discovery, The History Channel, The News, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, random stuff like that... Favourite books Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Twilight Saga, The Chronicles Of Narnia ,The Series Of Unfortunate Events ,Artemis Fowl Series Favourite music Currently into classic rock

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