Athey Nansel-Moravetz

UPDATE Okay, I reinstalled windows the other day and was going through my backed-up favorites to see which addresses were broken and which were still active and I found a bookmark for elfwood and remembered that this place exhisted. ^ ^;; Since it's now 'sci-fi & fantasy' in one place, I figured I had a better shot of actually having some art go through. heh. So I uploaded a bunch of pictures. Hopefully they'll all get approved. But if not... oh well. BTW - I switched over to the dark side... I got a DA account. Yup... deviant art... I remember disliking it greatly when people linked me to their DA pages to see thier art becaus DA was so damn slow. o_O And it still is, but I guess I just put up with it now. haha. Anyways, for bio and stuff, I'm 21, I'm a graduate of DigiPen institute of tech and I've got an AAA in 3D Computer Animation. I'm unemployed and looking for work! Oh, also, I got married April 29th to Justin Moravetz ^_^ (note the name change above). That's about it. Visit these people ^_^ The following people all put me in Awe in one way or another ^_^ Kazumi! K Aido Beth Sonoshi Eric Martin Tang Sin Yun Erin Dale Hitchcock Silas McLeere Melanie Gallant Christopher Johnson