Abbey Ash

Welcome to my small fanart page. What you see here is a rather small sampling. I have chosen to leave elfwood for the most part because of some problems I have had here, including comment harassment. So don't expect to find new art from me here.If you want more art, go here: or http://abbey-ash.netI'm sorry it had to end this way, but people need to learn what is acceptable and what is not.

Fireflies-ch. 6

Yeah, I know I skipped chapter five. I did for two reasons, 1) it was a serious plot digression (meaning it has nothing to do with the integrity of the plot) and 2) the computer was having issues with reading the html on that chapter....Only one important thing has happened. They had the ball and danced and had fun yadda yadda yadda everyone was happy until Enzar decided to crash the party. Then the last pearl was taken. End of chapter 5. Now here is chapter six!

Fireflies-ch. 2

A very interesting chapter 2...the end is kind of a big cliffhanger because the next chapter begins with a bang. Next week (maybe) I'll have chapter 3 ready to go up.

Battle of Twins

This is only an introduction to my characters. It took me a long time to create these, so DO NOT steal them.

Fireflies-ch. 1

Yes! The good version of chapter one! It took me forever to format, but here it is!! Enjoy!

My Past

I wrote this story when I was very, very young, not even out of Elementary School yet. What I've done here is wrote out the version I wrote as a child, and later, since it's a 3 day weekend, I can have the revised version up. I rewrote the story and it's almost done! The italics in long paragraphs are me (as in the adult me) commenting on my own stupidity. Enjoy!

The Firefly Pearl Quest

This is the prologue to my book. It's short, but it will clear up any little misunderstandings about the plot (which is very confusing indeed!).

The Depths of Malar

A modern American girl is thrust into Old Malaran times. This story is unfinished, so any suggestions would be fabulous! This is a spin-off of my very popular Zelda Story, 'the Legend of Zelda; 2001'. Any suggestions to make it better or plot suggestions are accepted! Please!

Dark Whisperings

After the battles are over, a hero is left with nothing but sorrow. He's sitting in the forest overlooking a valley at sunset and questioning his own life.

Fireflies-ch. 3

This was originall chapters 3 and 4. the thing is that ALL publishing companies want just the first three chapters when you first submit. Most the action starts in chapter 4, so I added it in, and here it is. Look out for plot twists, they come in like terroists.

Streets of Petals

A short poem describing the feeling after the battles and the gore are over.

Fireflies-ch. 4

Bwa ha ha! Want more plot twists? Well, you got them!! Bwa ha ha!! Oh, by the way, you get to see inside the characters a ton, so keep your eyes sharp!