What is this world? Is it reality? To some it is home, and to others a brief rest before passing through to their true home. To me, it's a rest. I am aspiring to share my real world with others. This attempt may be vague, but it will most definately show them there is a world inside of them that is just waiting to be explored. Me? You want to know about me? So be it as you wish. I'm just over 5'10' tall. I weigh 136 pounds, and its completely muscle. Trust me, by no means am I underweight. A set of deep green eyes trimmed in red belong to me naturally. My hair is an intermediate brown maybe one and a half inches long. I wish to do a lot with my life. I am expecting to go to West Virginia State College for a B.S. in Marketing with a A.S. in computer programming and graphic design. After this I aspire to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburg for a B.S. in Game Art and Design. I wish to write novels and draw the art thereof to show others that everyone has a place inside that belongs to another world, whether fantasy or not. I hope to lead them to find this place while endulging in my own. UPDATE 09/02/04: Okay, there's three more now.