Andy Taylor

I have been drawing since i was a child, but stopped for about 15 years when i descovered women, motorcycles and drink.Art has always been a hobby of mine. Especially fantasy art. Lately I have started working in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter XI.I have sucessfully completed about eight seperate contract Art jobs in the Fantasy Art and Science Fiction field.Companies I have been contracted by include, Dragonsfoot, Pied Piper Productions, Otherworld Minatures and Goblinoid Games.  I like Plucking Ardvarks! (it should be an olympic avent) Favourite movies Predator, Conan, WW2 Movies, etc. Favourite books Anything by Gygax, R.E Howard, R.A Salvatore and Robert Jordan. Favourite music The Damned, The Cult, old Punk, Elvis