Latest Update: 07.12.06 HST- Time flies by so quickly when we're not looking! Many thanks to everyone who popped into my little gallery since I last updated! Since I've last been around, I lots of changes have occured in my life. I'm back in Hawaii and started a new and exciting project called "nemu*nemu". (For those interested in checking it out, I'm slowly getting around to revamping my website and getting my life back on track! In the meanwhile! Thanks for stopping by my humble lil' abode in the Wood of Elf! Let me introduce myself: My name's A. Furuichi, but by all means, call me 'Kitsy'. I'm a 3-4th generation Japanese-American, currently trying to find the meaning of Life. I have always been interested in Art and Drawing, and I'm quite happy to have this opportunity to share my (unfortunately) older works with you! I sincerely hope that the up-coming year will bring newer and better artworks for you to enjoy! In the meanwhile, please feel free to browse through my gallery and leave comments! Although I cannot promise a speedy reply, I'll try my best! Thanks again! Lastly~ I do request that my artworks not to be used for websites or icons or online game personas. Some of these characters are quite dear to me as they are old AD&D gaming characters of mine. Gomen, ne? Last last note! Because I'm not the promptest of e-mailers, if you would like to link this gallery, by all means, I would be most honored!