Audrey Fry

09/9/2010 - Check it out!  I updated!Hi there guys!  My name is Audrey and I'm a 24 year old Freelance illustrator with a degree in Illustration.  I love drawing and painting fantasy and sci-fi characters alot.  Most of the characters and places that you're seeing in my gallery are all original characters and environments from my writings and imagination. I do commissions and such on the side, so if you're interested just e-mail me!  If you have any questions about anything else feel free to also send me an e-mail or leave me a message on my DeviantArt website: that have a wonderful day!  I like Illustration, Writing, Reading, Horseback riding, dog sledding, stock photography, and the outdoors Favourite movies Ghibli Movies, Lord of the Rings, Finding Neverland, How to Train Your Dragon, Hellboy II Favourite books Mistborn, Fablehaven, Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians, Leven Thumps, The Dark is Rising, Elantris, Legend of Drizzt, Green Rider, The Sea of Trolls series, and my friend's writings Favourite music Folk, Celtic, Soundtracks, Sting, Yanni, E.S. Posthumus, Bond, One Republic