Sergio ' El Poeta ' La Rosa Alvarez

He is nineteen years old. He likes aeronautics, and that is why he is a pilot, callsign ' El poeta '. The comics he draws are set in a medieval age. Likes Mage Knight.In these days he is studying and training to enter the Peruvian Air Force. He likes to write poems and stories, he is writing a novel called ' I don't regret '. Likes good music and bands like Depeche Mode, Heroes del Silencio, The Clash. His parents are Pedro La Rosa Suarez and Teresa Alvarez. Thanks to Pedro, Sandro, Massiel, Rocío, Jessica, Nicolas, Oscar, Lucho, Luisón, Franco, Marco, Anshela, Alfredo, Rafo, Alex, Marjorie, Jacquie, Martita, Patty, Julio Pablo, Yacely, Javier, Carlos, Chapín, Chatín, AL SOSSIMO and all the people he knows and have seen his art. ' Is a part of heaven what you have there, and is a part of your soul what i want to have, but if you want your freedom, just lie to me and ask god why he is in the palm of your hand remembering what i told you about your eyes, you know that i am talking to you'