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-Basics- Character Theme: ? Gender: ♀ Sexuality: Asexual Age: ? World: Alternia Alignment: Chaotic Good Quadrants filled: ? Lusus: Jerboa Mom -Physical Description- Blood Color: Cerise Height: 5'7" Weight: 128lbs Build: Lean and Muscular Hair: 2 Long braids Distinguishing Marks: Visable scars on face, neck, and body, also a broken right horn -Personality- Vim: 3/10 Imagination: 2/10 Pulchritude: 4/10 Intelligence: 7/10 Extraversion: 4/10 Sentimentality: 5/10 Stability: 8/10 Aggression: 7/10 Luck: 5/10 Wealth: 2/10 Humor: 3/10 Kindness: 6/10 Romanticism: 3/10 Psionics: 0/10 Hemoloyalty: 2/10 Lusus Influence: 4/10 -Values and Goals- You loathe: Owls, people pointing out your scars You appreciate: Nature, Books, Food Overwhelming goal: To survive Low fear: Being found out as a mutant High fear: Small spaces, birds Extremely strong skill: Hunting Extremely weak skill: Showing emotions -SGRUB- Title: ? Moon: Derse Strife Specibus: Foot Kind Pesterchum: ? Typing Quirk: ? -Extra- - She has always lived in a forest environment with her luscus. When she was younger and trying to build a den she ran into a blue blood and hisnowl luscus. They attacked her and she was left with a broken horn and a bunch of scarring. Her horn had not gotten completely broken off but it kept getting caught on things making it harder for her to hunt so she had to rip the rest off herself. She has a hard time making friends and telling the truth, though she may seem unemotional, on the inside she does care.

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